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How Long Is the Catch Phrase Timer

5 January 2014

Catch Phrase Timer The Catch Phrase Buzzer is set to go off at random intervals, so that a player can’t stall until the very last second, and then pass off the hot potato the next team. But exactly how long is the Catch Phrase Timer?   In order to find out, I set out with […]

Puerto Rico Strategy – Part 2 – Roles

5 January 2014

Puerto Rico Roles   This is the 2nd of a 3 part series on Puerto Rico. The first segment details the high level Puerto Rico Strategy and some general tips This second segment goes into each of the roles, and what you should think about when you select each role The third segment talks about […]

Puerto Rico Strategy

5 January 2014

Puerto Rico Strategy Puerto Rico is a very interesting game, and is consistently one of the top ranked games on Board Game Geek. It is very clear that the designers have thoroughly play tested the game, and made it a consistently enjoyable experience.   The key mechanic of Puerto Rico is role selection. Every turn […]

LCR – Left Center Right Board Game

4 January 2014

Left Center Right can loosely be described as a board game. As far as strategy goes, there is none. Possibly with the exception of win-lose-banana this game is as simple as it gets. Everyone starts with 3 chips, and the dice rotate around the table. Each person rolls a die for each of their chips, […]

Forbidden Island Board Game

3 January 2014

Forbidden Island is a cooperative game that is in some ways quite similar to Pandemic. In Forbidden Island you are part of a team of adventures attempting to recover four pieces of treasure from an island that, lie most islands, is sinking. Unfortunately, this island is sinking much much faster than most islands, except maybe […]